Mrs G from Worsley writes:

This is just a short note to bring to your attention the experienced level of customer care my 2 children and I have received from Paula (Walkden store) over the last few years. She is consistently helpful, friendly and professional - even when we can't find a pair of glasses to our taste Paula will patiently go through as many as it takes until we find the perfect pair! She is a great credit to your company.

Mr B from Bury writes:

When Martin initially suggested varifocal lenses for my new prescription I was rather reluctant. I had heard about people not being able to get used to varifocals. Eventually I succunbed and ordered a pair. I took my new glasses home and within an hour I was completely won over. Martin was right! It took no time at all to get used to my new varifocals and now I can watch TV and read the newspaper at the same time. In the work environment I can run meetings, clearly see presentations and make notes with ease. They are fantastic and I can recommend varifocals and will use them again in the future. Thanks!

Mrs H from West Yorks writes:

Unsure about laser surgery I was very interested when Yates and Suddell told me about OrthoK.

The assessment, fitting and backup were excellent.  Within a couple of days I was inserting and removing the lenses and had no problem sleeping in them.  My distance vision was excellent.  The feeling of freedom from lenses or glasses is exciting and liberating. 

I leave the lenses out every 4th night and this maintains the level of correction to also allow me to read most small print without constantly resorting to reading glasses.  Perfect for everyday things such as inserting PIN numbers, reading ingredients and prices in a supermarket, checking a recipe in the kitchen. I do still prefer to use reading glasses for comfort when reading a book. 

I can walk in a warm room on a cold day without misting up.  I can doze on a Sunday afternoon or watch a weepy film without ending up with a blur.  On holiday this year I look forward to being able to swim and to wear normal sunglasses.

I am a total convert to OrthoK.

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