Hearing Loss

Anyone can suffer from hearing loss, but usually it happens later in life, develops slowly, and gradually gets worse as you get older. Hearing loss falls into four categories:

  • Mild - You are unable to hear soft sounds and have difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments.
  • Moderate - You are unable to hear soft and moderate sounds and have considerable difficulty in understanding speech, particularly with background noise.
  • Severe - You need people to raise their voices in order for you to understand them. Group conversations are only possible with considerable effort.
  • Profound - Some very loud sounds are audible, but communication without a hearing aid is impossible.

How well can you hear?

Take our quick questionnaire to see if you fall in to one of these categories

1. Have you been told that the TV is too loud?
2. Do you find it difficult to hear dialogue at the cinema or theatre?
3. Is it hard work having a conversation on the phone?
4. Do you ever need to ask people to repeat things?
5. Do you have difficulty following conversation In groups?
6. Do you hear better with one ear than the other?
7. Do you feel isolated because you cannot hear properly?
8. Do you often misunderstand what others say?
9. Has anyone close to you suggested that you might have a hearing problem
10. Is  it harder to hear when there is background noise, like in restaurants, on the street?

How many times did you answer yes?

  • Once: you may have mild hearing loss.
  • Two or three: you may have moderate hearing loss.
  • Four to seven: you may have severe hearing loss.
  • More than seven: you may have profound hearing loss
If you have any concerns with your hearing, book a test with one of our hearing aid audiologists. Use our call back facility above and we will contact you at your convenience to discuss your requirements.

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