The next generation of eye exam is here!

The next generation of eye test is here!

Often eye diseases do not affect your vision in their early stages and therefore go untreated. Yates & Suddell are delighted to be able to offer their patients the next generation of eye screening; Optical Coherence Tomography, or OCT for short. OCT allows our highly trained optometrists to spot eye diseases far earlier, enabling more effective treatment.

What can OCT detect?

OCT can detect many different types of eye disease including glaucoma, retinal detachment, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy at an incredibly early stage. All of these are potentially sight threatening but when detected early most can be treated.

How does OCT work?

OCT is non-intrusive, painless, and works by taking tens of thousands of high definition photographs which make up a detailed 3D model of your eye (image left). Nothing comes into contact with your eye and it does all this in just a few seconds! The resulting image allows your optometrist to view the condition of your eyes beneath the surface.

Many opticians have special cameras which photograph the back of your eye (the retina). Whilst these are valuable tools retinal photography images only show the very top layer of the retina. Many eye diseases start in one of the numerous microscopic layers under the surface of the retina. OCT allows us to see these layers in great detail enabling your optometrist to identify problems earlier.

Could I benefit from an OCT examination?

Yes. An OCT scan will most likely show that you’re eyes are healthy, which is fantastic! Apart from giving you peace of mind it will give our optometrists an excellent ‘base line’ reading to use as a reference point when looking at future scans. If the OCT does find an anomaly we can quickly begin treatment.

We are delighted to announce that OCT is now available in our Bury practice, a first in the town. Call us on 0161 764 2209 for more information on this ground breaking technology.

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