The importance of your contact lens prescription when buying online

The law dictates that any UK based supplier of contact lenses online must request a current, up to date written contact lens prescription to work to. Why is this so important and what are the risks if you don’t provide the supplier with this information?

  1. Vision

When inputting prescription details into the relevant fields on whichever web site you are buying from it is very easy to accidentally choose the incorrect power.

By providing us with your prescription we check what the prescriber has written down and cross check it with what you have ordered.


If there are any discrepancies we will look into it for you.


  1. Comfort

There are many things which contribute to the comfort of your lenses.

The material of the lens

The curvature of the lens

Both play a large part in determining how comfortable your eyes will feel in the new lenses. These will be clearly written on a contact lens prescription but once again, it is easy for the layperson to make a mistake when inputting when they don’t have a prescription in front of them to refer to.


  1. Eye Health

It is vital that you have regular contact lens check-ups as advised by your optician as many eye diseases and disorders are symptom free in their early stages but can have dramatic long term effects on your eyes and vision.

We feel ethically bound to refuse to fulfill any order coming through to us with no prescription, or an expired prescription.

By providing us with a current, complete contact lens prescription we can supply your lenses with the reassurance that your optician is happy with both your vision and eye health.

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