Rimless eyewear takes a giant leap forward with Avantek

Yates & Suddell are delighted to announce that our Bury store is one of just a handful of opticians to carry an exciting new range of rimless eyewear.

Avantek & Hoya lenses are the first frame and lens combination that is completely stress free across the whole surface of the lens. When any frame is glazed with prescription lenses the pressure of the frame around the lens causes the lens to flex, creating distortion. What about rimless frames? No frame to press on the lens? That is true, but instead holes are drilled into the lens to mount the bridge and sides. These drill holes also create distortion. In fact, the problem is even worse in rimless frames because the bridge and sides protrude into the lens itself to create blind spots.

avantk carbon side shotHOYA DF Avantek Logo Black


Avantek’s patented system means that the lenses require no drilling, eliminating distortion. What’s more the bridge and sides of the frame do not protrude into the wearer’s line of sight. These two factors create a truly distortion-free and panoramic experience for the wearer. Perhaps that’s why NASA have made Avantek standard issue eyewear for their scientists!

Avantek frames are available exclusively with Hoya lenses. The Hoya brand is synonymous with quality and innovation so you can be sure that whether you wear single vision lenses for distance or reading vision, or whether you need the latest, fully bespoke varifocals Avantek will be the perfect choice.

The Avantek range is available in 10 fantastic finishes including carbon fibre and high tech TR90 plastic and a vast range of size and shape combinations for your lenses.

Call into Yates & Suddell Bury to view the range or call us on 0161 764 2209 for more information.



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