How can dietary supplements help with sufferers of Macular Degeneration?

Back in 2001 the Age Related Study for Eye Diseases (AREDS) suggested that certain anti-oxidants, some of which are relatively uncommon in many people’s diets could help those with macular degeneration. AREDS scientists published a formula with recommended dosages of each compound they found effective. As a result many dietary supplements became available to help sufferers of the disease to get the right balance of these anti-oxidants into their diet.macushield gold

In 2012 the results of a follow up study (imaginatively named AREDS 2) were released. This second five-year study investigated whether the original AREDS formula could be improved upon. They found that they could increase the effectiveness of the formula by around 20%, a significant discovery. There are now dietary supplements available which take advantage of the knowledge gained in the AREDS 2 study.

Macushield Gold and Viteyes 2 are two such examples. To view our range of dietary supplements specific to eye health click here.

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