bespoke varifocals; why should I consider them?

“All varifocals are bespoke aren’t they?” I hear you ask. Up to a point you’d be correct in thinking this. Traditional varifocals are made up using an optometrists prescription which is unique to you and are accurately measured so that once glazed into your frame the different areas within the lens  are in the ‘correct position’, also unique to you. These two processes put together result in a pair of glasses which enable you to see comfortably at all distances. That’s pretty bespoke, right?

Copy of test chart

Wrong! Traditional varifocal lenses work best only when fitted at very specific angles and distances in relation to your eyes. This means that lens manufacturers have to make some assumptions about how your selected frame will fit in an attempt to make sure their design gives you the best possible visual experience. If these assumptions are not met the result can be a perceived reduction in visual fields, increased distortion through the lenses and more head movement being required to look through the ‘correct part’ of the lens by the wearer.

The problem here is that, depending on the frame you select the assumptions lens designers make can be wildly inaccurate; when the lenses were designed the manufacturers didn’t know which frame you would choose and how it would fit on you, how big (or small) your nose is or how high or low your ears are on your head! How could they? All these things affect how the lens sits in relation to your eyes and as a result how well you will see through your new glasses. Suddenly things seem a lot less bespoke don’t they?

The good news is that, whilst traditional varifocal designs are still widely available we as eye care professionals can go much further with regard to making sure you get the maximum from your new varifocals Ask Opticianregardless of how the frame you select fits you. The latest generation of varifocal lenses do not make assumptions about how the frame fits. Instead your optician takes very accurate measurements while you wear the frame and tells the manufacturer exactly how it fits. These measurements are then built into the design of the lens meaning you, the wearer, gets the best possible vision….. no guesswork. Now that’s bespoke!

Call into your nearest Yates & Suddell opticians and ask about our range of bespoke varifocals.

Wax removal service at Yates & Suddell- make the most of your hearing


Hearing Care

It is a fact of life that as you get older your hearing may deteriorate. It often happens slowly so you may not even be aware of it. At Yates & Suddell we offer a hearing service which is second to none and has been an integral part of what we do for over 40 years.


Portrait of a smiling mature man and woman. [url=][img][/img][/url]

Wax removal service

At Yates & Suddell we specialize in the micro suction technique for removing ear blockages. This is generally accepted to be the safest and most effective method of wax removal. It is completely syringe free with no need for weeks of softening with oil, with the procedure only taking a few minutes for each ear.

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How can dietary supplements help with sufferers of Macular Degeneration?

Back in 2001 the Age Related Study for Eye Diseases (AREDS) suggested that certain anti-oxidants, some of which are relatively uncommon in many people’s diets could help those with macular degeneration. AREDS scientists published a formula with recommended dosages of each compound they found effective. As a result many dietary supplements became available to help sufferers of the disease to get the right balance of these anti-oxidants into their diet.macushield gold

In 2012 the results of a follow up study (imaginatively named AREDS 2) were released. This second five-year study investigated whether the original AREDS formula could be improved upon. They found that they could increase the effectiveness of the formula by around 20%, a significant discovery. There are now dietary supplements available which take advantage of the knowledge gained in the AREDS 2 study.

Macushield Gold and Viteyes 2 are two such examples. To view our range of dietary supplements specific to eye health click here.

The next generation of eye exam is here!

The next generation of eye test is here!

Often eye diseases do not affect your vision in their early stages and therefore go untreated. Yates & Suddell are delighted to be able to offer their patients the next generation of eye screening; Optical Coherence Tomography, or OCT for short. OCT allows our highly trained optometrists to spot eye diseases far earlier, enabling more effective treatment.

What can OCT detect?

OCT can detect many different types of eye disease including glaucoma, retinal detachment, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy at an incredibly early stage. All of these are potentially sight threatening but when detected early most can be treated.

How does OCT work?

OCT is non-intrusive, painless, and works by taking tens of thousands of high definition photographs which make up a detailed 3D model of your eye (image left). Nothing comes into contact with your eye and it does all this in just a few seconds! The resulting image allows your optometrist to view the condition of your eyes beneath the surface.

Many opticians have special cameras which photograph the back of your eye (the retina). Whilst these are valuable tools retinal photography images only show the very top layer of the retina. Many eye diseases start in one of the numerous microscopic layers under the surface of the retina. OCT allows us to see these layers in great detail enabling your optometrist to identify problems earlier.

Could I benefit from an OCT examination?

Yes. An OCT scan will most likely show that you’re eyes are healthy, which is fantastic! Apart from giving you peace of mind it will give our optometrists an excellent ‘base line’ reading to use as a reference point when looking at future scans. If the OCT does find an anomaly we can quickly begin treatment.

We are delighted to announce that OCT is now available in our Bury practice, a first in the town. Call us on 0161 764 2209 for more information on this ground breaking technology.

Wake up to clear vision at Yates & Suddell with EyeDream contact lenses

Many people have considered laser eye surgery as an alternative to spectacles or contact lenses but are worried about the risks. Are you one of these people? Read on….

EyeDream is a vision therapy that brings a modern approach to a technique known as Orthokeratology, or Ortho K. EyeDream lenses are manufactured from a special high oxygen permeable material. These lenses are worn during the night and apply a controlled shape to the ‘window’ at the front of the eye (the cornea), eliminating your short sightedness. This effect means you can see for the entire day without glasses or contact lenses.

We have invested in the state-of-the-art instrumentation required to make this exciting new technology available to its patients in our Bury practice.

“Many of my patients are concerned about the long term effects of laser eye surgery and the possibility of it not being successful”, said Mandy Wright, Yates & Suddells contact lens optician, “The Beauty of the EyeDream therapy is that it is completely reversible. If you decide to stop wearing EyeDream lenses your eyes will return to their original shape and you can go back to wearing your previous glasses or contact lenses.”

EyeDream is ideal for low to mid short sighted people who want clear, natural vision all day. They are perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle and find glasses or contact lenses unsuitable for playing sports, or those who work in dry or dusty environments and find their contact lenses feel ‘gritty’.

So how is this possible? Very simply the special EyeDream lens reduces the power of the cornea during overnight wear. Once the full effect has taken place, usually within a couple of days, the eye is effectively ‘normal’ and can see clearly eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses.

Interested? Simply us on 0161 764 2209 to arrange your free assessment, or click here for more information.

Rimless eyewear takes a giant leap forward with Avantek

Yates & Suddell are delighted to announce that our Bury store is one of just a handful of opticians to carry an exciting new range of rimless eyewear.

Avantek & Hoya lenses are the first frame and lens combination that is completely stress free across the whole surface of the lens. When any frame is glazed with prescription lenses the pressure of the frame around the lens causes the lens to flex, creating distortion. What about rimless frames? No frame to press on the lens? That is true, but instead holes are drilled into the lens to mount the bridge and sides. These drill holes also create distortion. In fact, the problem is even worse in rimless frames because the bridge and sides protrude into the lens itself to create blind spots.

avantk carbon side shotHOYA DF Avantek Logo Black


Avantek’s patented system means that the lenses require no drilling, eliminating distortion. What’s more the bridge and sides of the frame do not protrude into the wearer’s line of sight. These two factors create a truly distortion-free and panoramic experience for the wearer. Perhaps that’s why NASA have made Avantek standard issue eyewear for their scientists!

Avantek frames are available exclusively with Hoya lenses. The Hoya brand is synonymous with quality and innovation so you can be sure that whether you wear single vision lenses for distance or reading vision, or whether you need the latest, fully bespoke varifocals Avantek will be the perfect choice.

The Avantek range is available in 10 fantastic finishes including carbon fibre and high tech TR90 plastic and a vast range of size and shape combinations for your lenses.

Call into Yates & Suddell Bury to view the range or call us on 0161 764 2209 for more information.



Yates & Suddell hosts fund raising event

Independent opticians Yates & Suddell have practiced in Bury for over 70 years and have firm roots in the town. On the 29th April they held a fund raising event in aid of the Macular Society in their Bury practice.

The Macular Society helps raise awareness of an eye disease called macular degeneration, the leading cause of sight loss in the industrialized world. Their ‘Tea for MD’ initiative encourages people touched by macular degeneration to get together over a cup of tea and a slice of cake to share their experiences.

The event at Yates & Suddell was a great success with Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians on hand to answer all manner of questions relating to macular degeneration.TeaforMD

The Mayor of Bury, Michelle Wiseman, came along to the event to lend her support which raised over £200
for the society.

“We see lots of people in the practice who suffer
from macular degeneration. Events like Tea for MD really help people to come to terms with the disease by providing an incredible support network.”, said Stuart Goodman, director of Yates & Suddell.
“We are really happy to help the Macular Society who do such fantastic work.”

Visit the Macular Society’s website at or call your local Yates & Suddell for more information on macular degeneration


What is the difference between Macushield and Macushield Gold?

The Macushield family of products is designed to keep the ‘Macula’, part of your retina as healthy as possible to help it perform at its best. Macular degeneration is an eye disease and is the leading cause of sight loss in the industrial world. A study carried out by leading eyecare professionals entitled AREDS2 concluded that supplements such as Macushield demonstrated clear benefits with regard to macular health.

Regular Macushield is perfect for those who wish to keep their macula in the best possible condition.
Macushield contains three powerful antioxidants which help neutralize harmful molecules in the macula known as ‘free radicals’.These anti-oxidants are called lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin.  The MacuShield formula is uniquely designed to replenish the macular pigment at the back of the eye.

macushield gold

For people who have been diagnosed with macular degeneration Macushield Gold, in addition to the anti-oxidants in regular MacuShield, also contains a specific combination of other nutrients to help defend against the progression of early stage age related macular degeneration (AMD).

For more information about macular degeneration visit the macular society web site or visit your local optician.

The importance of your contact lens prescription when buying online

The law dictates that any UK based supplier of contact lenses online must request a current, up to date written contact lens prescription to work to. Why is this so important and what are the risks if you don’t provide the supplier with this information?

  1. Vision

When inputting prescription details into the relevant fields on whichever web site you are buying from it is very easy to accidentally choose the incorrect power.

By providing us with your prescription we check what the prescriber has written down and cross check it with what you have ordered.


If there are any discrepancies we will look into it for you.


  1. Comfort

There are many things which contribute to the comfort of your lenses.

The material of the lens

The curvature of the lens

Both play a large part in determining how comfortable your eyes will feel in the new lenses. These will be clearly written on a contact lens prescription but once again, it is easy for the layperson to make a mistake when inputting when they don’t have a prescription in front of them to refer to.


  1. Eye Health

It is vital that you have regular contact lens check-ups as advised by your optician as many eye diseases and disorders are symptom free in their early stages but can have dramatic long term effects on your eyes and vision.

We feel ethically bound to refuse to fulfill any order coming through to us with no prescription, or an expired prescription.

By providing us with a current, complete contact lens prescription we can supply your lenses with the reassurance that your optician is happy with both your vision and eye health.

Our prices and service are second to none but don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews online to see what our customers think

Infographic: Iconic Movie Glasses

We’re all about eyewear here at Yates & Suddell. Whether a stylish pair of spectacles or a sharp set of shades, the right glasses can really complete your look. Just ask the costume designers to the stars, who have long relied on a pair of specs to lend their subjects a certain “je ne sais quoi”. These glasses often become iconic aspects of the movies in which they appear, and can end up influencing frame fashion for years to come.

Check out our new infographic to see 12 of the most iconic pairs of glasses to ever grace the silver screen. How many do you recognise?

Iconic Movie Glasses

Of course, most of these frames are now many years old, so you’ll be very lucky to track down a pair of originals. However, you’ll find that many of today’s frames are based on the same iconic shapes as the most popular of these glasses, making it easy to recreate the style of the star you love the most!

Yates & Suddell have a wide range of  glasses and sunglasses to buy from their online shop, and offer free delivery across the UK for all orders over £50, so take a look today and find the style that is right for you!