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  • bespoke varifocals; why should I consider them?

    Posted on: 02nd September 2016

    “All varifocals are bespoke aren’t they?” I hear you ask. Up to a point you’d be correct in thinking this. Traditional varifocals are made up using an optometrists prescription which is unique to you and are accurately measured so that once glazed into your frame the ...More >

  • Wax removal service at Yates & Suddell- make the most of your hearing

    Posted on: 13th July 2016

      Hearing Care It is a fact of life that as you get older your hearing may deteriorate. It often happens slowly so you may not even be aware of it. At Yates & Suddell we offer a hearing service which is second to none and has been an integral part of what we do for ...More >

  • How can dietary supplements help with sufferers of Macular Degeneration?

    Posted on: 18th August 2015

    Back in 2001 the Age Related Study for Eye Diseases (AREDS) suggested that certain anti-oxidants, some of which are relatively uncommon in many people’s diets could help those with macular degeneration. AREDS scientists published a formula with recommended dosages of ...More >

  • The next generation of eye exam is here!

    Posted on: 07th August 2015

    The next generation of eye test is here! Often eye diseases do not affect your vision in their early stages and therefore go untreated. Yates & Suddell are delighted to be able to offer their patients the next generation of eye screening; Optical Coherence Tomography, or ...More >

  • Wake up to clear vision at Yates & Suddell with EyeDream contact lenses

    Posted on: 12th June 2015

    Many people have considered laser eye surgery as an alternative to spectacles or contact lenses but are worried about the risks. Are you one of these people? Read on…. EyeDream is a vision therapy that brings a modern approach to a technique known as Orthokeratology, or ...More >

  • Rimless eyewear takes a giant leap forward with Avantek

    Posted on: 15th May 2015

    Yates & Suddell are delighted to announce that our Bury store is one of just a handful of opticians to carry an exciting new range of rimless eyewear. Avantek & Hoya lenses are the first frame and lens combination that is completely stress free across the whole ...More >

  • Yates & Suddell hosts fund raising event

    Posted on: 01st May 2015

    Independent opticians Yates & Suddell have practiced in Bury for over 70 years and have firm roots in the town. On the 29th April they held a fund raising event in aid of the Macular Society in their Bury practice. The Macular Society helps raise awareness of an eye ...More >

  • What is the difference between Macushield and Macushield Gold?

    Posted on: 22nd April 2015

    The Macushield family of products is designed to keep the ‘Macula’, part of your retina as healthy as possible to help it perform at its best. Macular degeneration is an eye disease and is the leading cause of sight loss in the industrial world. A study carried ...More >

  • The importance of your contact lens prescription when buying online

    Posted on: 16th April 2015

    The law dictates that any UK based supplier of contact lenses online must request a current, up to date written contact lens prescription to work to. Why is this so important and what are the risks if you don’t provide the supplier with this information? Vision When ...More >

  • Infographic: Iconic Movie Glasses

    Posted on: 10th December 2014

    We’re all about eyewear here at Yates & Suddell. Whether a stylish pair of spectacles or a sharp set of shades, the right glasses can really complete your look. Just ask the costume designers to the stars, who have long relied on a pair of specs to lend their ...More >

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